the legend

The The g residence is an iconic contemporary architectural home located directly at the base of the Hollywood sign. The architectural design was done by Yo Hakomori, StudioHAU, executive architect, and WHY architecture.

the history

The remarkable concrete building was completed in 2023, after years of meticulous construction. 


The owners’ approach was to combine cutting-edge contemporary architecture with sumptuous and warm interiors, embracing both the Californian way of life and the incomparable location just below the Hollywood sign.


The house design comprises a series of nested L-shaped forms, which cascade down the hillside and create large outdoor terraces overlooking the city. They are constructed of reinforced concrete and designed as “fanning” cantilevers. The structure extends dramatically over the steep terrain – a technical feature that could only be achieved by massive caissons up to a depth of 86 feet (30 meters). Likewise, the structure’s unique shape could only be achieved through concrete construction, which was very challenging due to the hillside location. Structural steel beams ensure the enduring stability of this architectural icon.


The gardens and decks and their natural bohemian style contrast the extravagant brutalist architecture of the main house.

the vision

behind the scenes

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